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"The root cause of hair loss revealed...

And how can you regrow hair naturally in the next 30 days without any side effects!"


How to solve hair loss naturally, effectively, and harmlessly?

Don't want to go for surgery, transplant, or use any chemical products?
Want an easy, convenient, and proven solution?
If so, then you're going to love Sglow that's helping people from around the world to promote hair regrowth by fixing from the root.



✅ No side effects, 100% natural ingredients, and clinically tested

✅ Solve hair loss from the ROOT, internal treatment

✅ 30 Days noticeable improvement

✅ Look good, confident, and attractive

✅ Reasonable price compared to hair treatment/hair transplant surgery

✅ No dependency, don't have to continue once you finish

✅ All it takes is 3 - 6 months to solve once and for all

✅ Proven with thousands of customer's positive feedback, well known in Asia

"BUT FIRST... What Causes Hair Loss?"

There are too many reasons that will cause hair loss, such as stress, hygiene, medical condition, insufficient sleep, smoking, and the list goes on and on...




Notice something...? They are all INTERNAL issues inside of our bodies.



Maybe you've tried other hair growth products before and had little results?  



Take a look at this illustration above.

Although this might goes against mainstream wisdom, 
but 98% of all hair growth products being promoted out there are external products
They are used by applying to our scalp.

Multiple studies have shown: ❌​Not targeting the root cause ❌​They give SHORT TERM result  ❌​Contain various side effects  ❌​Bad for your scalp in the long run.


This is why hair treatments or other external hair growth products rarely help much at all.

They stop at the surface level of your scalp, and there is only less than 5% are being absorbed into the hair follicle.


They are LESS effective and NOT giving you results.


SO... What Is The Solution?

Scalp health, hormones, body vitamin & nutrition, and the microbiome is what are causing the problem
And they can only be treated INTERNALLY

To regrow your thickest, healthiest hair ever, you will need to target all those areas internally.
The solution is to fix the ROOT CAUSE and give your hair everything it needs to grow. 

That's the key to better, faster results,

and SGlow does EXACTLY just that!



SGLOW is a natural dietary supplement formulated in Japan & France.

S-Glow target directly at the hair follicle, supplying essential nutrients to stimulate the follicles, reactivating, strengthening and promoting hair growth. It contains a premium patented ingredient from Japan called Oryza Polyamine that helps boost hair growth naturally and stop hair loss once and for all. 


Phase 1: Tackles the harmful nutrient deficiencies that may be preventing the hair from growing or falling off. Provide the nutrients your hair needs. Strengthen hair follicles and stop hair loss.

Phase 2: Targets the hair follicles, breaking down accumulated DHT naturally that prevents nutrients from being absorbed. Stimulate hair growth by preventing the death of cells that regulate the growth and development of hair caused by DHT. Promote baby hair growth

Phase 3: Balance body hormone naturally. Increase blood circulation to your scalp, stimulate and thicken the hair follicles. Prolong hair growth cycle and stop genetic hair loss. Hair become thicker and fuller.

Start seeing the result in the next 1 - 3 months

Here's what most people would do when they have hair loss

TREATMENT Expensive ($1000 and above), need to repeat treatment every 1/2 month, you will be asked to spend money again and again. All treatments are external, unable to solve from the root. The result last for 2-3 months only. 


CHEMICAL & EXTERNAL PRODUCT - Example Hair tonic, minoxidil, DHT blocker. Rogaine etc.. contains chemicals and side effects that will affect your sex drive and damage your scalp in the long run. The result is short-term. You'll need to keep using it to maintain the effect, unable to fix the root cause. NOT reliable.


HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGERY - Extremely costly ($5000 and above). Results last for 2-4 years, require surgery and contain various risks. 


Here's EVERYTHING you will get when you purchase SGLOW


Frequently Asked 

How long does it take to see the result?

within 2 weeks or 1 month you will start to notice improvement such as hair loss reduces and strengthened. 2nd months, baby hair starts to grow. 3rd month, hair continue to grow stronger and cover up all empty hair area, as well as thicker & darker.If the person has a higher absorption ability, you can see the effects faster.


Does it have any side effects?

SGLOW will NOT cause any side effects AT ALL! because it is not medicine or drugs. it is made with 100% natural ingredients such as vitamins, collagen, etc that help to promote hair growth naturally. Therefore it will not have any side effects.


Do I still need to continue consuming even after I achieve the result?

You don't need to. Once you are satisfied with the hair growth result from SGLOW, you may stop consuming, but do keep in mind you must also take good care of your hair. Always having stress or lack of sleep can cause the hair loss issue coming back. We do have tons of customers who have already stopped consuming and have had no hair issues since then.


What if I don't see a result?

There are only two possibilities if you do not see the result. First, you have been completely bald for years. The only way to solve that is to go for hair transplant surgery. Second, you are not consuming it the right way or consistently. All customers are required to follow our guidance and consume every day until they finish. If you are not in these two situations, you will see the result just like other customers.


What are the certificates and tests that have been done on S-GLOW?

A few tests have been done, and the results show that S-GLOW does not contain heavy metals, microbes, melamine, and preservatives. Please refer to the certification section.


Take 2 tablets every after breakfast 
1 bottle contains 60 tablets
1 bottle = 1 month consumption period


For optimum result, we highly recommend you to go for one full treatment which is 3 months consumption period (3 bottles)


100% natural ingredients, drug free, and safe to consume without any side effects

S-GLOW is enriched with patented ingredients that are multifold in functions.

For instance, Lynside® Forte B from France is a functional yeast enriched in vitamins to achieve the B complex formula of 8 essential B vitamins. The wide range of Vitamin B complex namely Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B12. On top of that, S-GLOW also contains biotin, which known as Vitamin H.



In fact, collagen content in S-GLOW works to maintain the well-being of hair, skin and nails.

In addition, S-GLOW is further loaded with Oryza Polyamine, a patented ingredient from Japan that is extracted from rice germ. Its molecular weight is below 250 which means it has higher body absorption rate, distributed and utilised by the body efficiently. Meanwhile, L-cysteine in S-GLOW is precursor of glutathione.

The other functional ingredient selected to be part of S-GLOW is Vitamin C which possesses synergistic effects. Vitamin C and collagen complement each other. If the amount of Vitamin C is insufficient, our body will not be able to form or even store collagen. This is why Vitamin C is a mandatory co-factor for collagen synthesis as it assists in holding cells together during the formation of collagen.

Not just that, S-GLOW can be consumed not only by women, men can get the same benefits should they need to supplement their hair with these nutrients.


Lynside® Forte B 

functional yeast enriched in B complex formula
consists of 8 essential B vitamins


Oryza Polyamine

patented ingredient from Japan extracted from rice germ molecular weight is below 250, higher body absorption rate



maintain the well-being of skin, hair, and nails



precursor of glutathione


Vitamin C

possesses synergistic effects

mandatory co-factor for collagen synthesis as it assists in holding cells together during the formation of collagen 

Singapore Food Agency (SFA) & Health Science Authority (HSA)
Certified as Food Product


Food Safety and Quality Division (BKKM)


Classified as FOOD PRODUCT by NPRA, KKM


Certificate of Analysis (COA) - NOT CONTAIN PORCINE


BIO SYNERGY LABORATORIES - NO heavy metals & NO microbes


No Preservative - Certificate of Analysis by MyCO2




Customer Reviews

Based on 452 reviews
Hopefully still going to work 🤞

Just not seeing any results. Follow directions. Now on 3rd lot of 3. Hopefully it will eventually work.

Nelson Cachuela

The delivery is kind of slow . I waited for too long

Syed Ali Raza


Whitford ✔️ Verified Buyer
My result

I do see a difference.. now on my 3rd bottles. btw it works for female as well

George ✔️ Verified Buyer

I was asked by the customer service to drop a review here. Im a customer since April, I've stopped for a month in between due to some personal issues. I like this product Sglow it taste like lemon and peach, I was advised to take 2 tablets per day, It really works. My big bald spot ain't bald. It really does what it claims. Very reliable. Remember changing out lifestyle is also very important, control our stress, food intake, or reduce smoking etc. hope my result inspires..

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